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We provide a range of services in a number of key areas. The information below outlines the types of work that we do:

Online Strategy Planning

Building a website is just one part of the process of establishing an online identity. Your website says a lot about your business and can work wonders for your brand, but it can also drag it down if not implemented correctly, within the context of a tight promotion strategy. We can help with the planning and research that are essential to getting it right the first time.

Content Production and Development

Developing worthwhile content is often one of the most daunting and time consuming tasks involved in creating a new website. We can assist with content production and review your copy to make sure that is well written and effective.

Website design/creation

The design and creation of websites is still our core business and probably the area that we spend the most time in. The sites we create range from brochure sites (small, simple websites with relatively static content) to large scale CMS and eCommerce websites that include online stores, payment gateways, dynamic content, and membership systems.

Graphic design for web and marketing collateral

It’s rare these days to develop a website without also looking at other parts of a companies branding. We are often involved in the creative process of branding a business from start to finish, including logo and stationary design and the production of marketing collateral for offline promotion (in other words designing things like brochures, business cards, etc…).

Email and online marketing

Email marketing is an important way to keep in touch with customers and raise awareness of your products and services. We assist clients by designing and creating email marketing campaigns. We use powerful software that allows you to access reports which track and monitor a range of metrics around your campaigns, including open and click through rates.

You can have as much input and involvement in the process as you like, from generating your own email newsletters to managing your subscriber lists and contacts or we can do it all for you if you prefer.

Content Management Solutions

Many of our clients find it useful to be directly involved in the maintenance of their website. Performing simple updates yourself can certainly save you time and money. It also leaves us free to handle infrastructure projects and new business. Whether you have a simple brochure site or a more content heavy one, talk to us about using a CMS to edit your website when you need to.

Mobile Solutions

As more and more users get online via web enabled mobile devices, design for mobile is becoming increasingly important. We provide websites that allow mobile users to access important content in a way that is fast and efficient.

Mobile websites may be delivered with the creation of a new website, as an add-on to an existing website, or as an independent project.

Security Consulting

As the world moves online, so does crime and we have witnessed firsthand an increase in attacks that interrupt and cripple business websites. We regularly provide consulting to restore compromised sites, identify security breaches and improve security to prevent future attacks. If you rely heavily on your business website, don’t wait till it goes down to start thinking about security. Contact us today to perform a security assessment on your site.

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